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Learn the secrets of creating epic drums for action scores.

A 30-min hands-one tutorial on how to create epic percussion using only your computer.

You will learn:

  • How to write rhythms and patterns for epic drums

  • How to use velocity to create accents

  • How to layer multiple percussion instruments

  • How to create the Hollywood sounding of action scores

  • The best free percussion sample libraries

  • And much more...

Who is Filipe Leitão?

Filipe Leitão is an award-winning Brazilian-born composer, music producer, and sound designer. He is Assistant Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, teaching a new interdisciplinary curriculum in Composition and Sound Design for Cinema, Games, and Motion Media. He earned the Doctor of Musical Arts degree at The University of Alabama, and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Music Production and Sound Design for Visual Media at the Academy of Art University (San Francisco, CA). As an educator, he has taught composition, orchestration, music production, and film scoring.


Dr. Leitão has collaborated with many artists, creating original compositions and sound design for films and video games, as well as he has written electronic works, and concert pieces for varied ensembles. His works reflect his unique voice originated from a mix of classical music, popular music, Brazilian music, and film music, and have been recognized at both national and international levels, and obtained prizes and performances on renowned film and music festivals, including New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival, Electronic Music Midwest, SCI Conferences, Belgian Saxophone Choir, Cannes Short Film Corner, Toronto Film Week, Anima Mundi, and WorldFest Houston, to name a few.

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