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Behind the Score for 'ME,' a Film by Ludmila Dayer

Max Tovar and Fernanda Souza

Film scoring is a complex and multifaceted art that requires sensitivity and understanding not only of music but also of the narrative and emotions involved in the story. My collaboration on Ludmila Dayer's documentary "ME," which portrays the director's journey of self-discovery, was a vivid example of this complexity and gratification.

Directed by Ludmila Dayer and starring Fernanda Souza, "ME" is an engaging cinematic experience that delves into the complexities of the human journey of self-discovery. With an emotional narrative and a sensitive approach, the film invites the viewer to reflect on profound themes such as mental health and overcoming challenges. Furthermore, it's noteworthy that the film features breathtaking visuals, magnificently capturing the natural landscapes that serve as the background for the story.

Filipe Leitão and Ludmila Dayer

My journey in composing the score for "ME" began when Ludmila was visiting Richmond, VA, where I live, and shared with me the story of the film she had just shot in Brazil. Inspired by her words and the emotional depth of the narrative, I created an initial track that sought to capture not only the character's dramas but also the connection with nature and the rural environment in which the film is set. Ludmila wanted something that evoked the countryside, more rustic elements, and deep feelings, and the result was a score that she described as perfectly suited to the film's mood. Listen below:

In addition to rustic elements, I also used the piano and orchestral instruments, such as strings and woodwinds, to create a deeper and more immersive atmosphere. The strings, in particular, were crucial in conveying the emotion and intensity of the film's most dramatic moments. The flutes, on the other hand, added a more organic quality to the score, reflecting the connection with nature. These combined elements helped create a score that not only accompanies the narrative but also enriches it, providing a deeper emotional experience for the audience.

During our collaboration, we had several meetings on Zoom, where Ludmila shared her vision of how the music could complement each scene and each chapter of the film. I explored some ideas live during these sessions, playing the keyboard until we found the perfect tone. Ludmila would often highlight the main feeling she wanted to evoke, and I would create the score accordingly. Her process of editing some scenes based on my music, something uncommon in the industry, speaks to the harmony of our collaboration. According to the director:

Collaborating with Filipe on my film was a harmonious journey where every note was a brushstroke painting the soul of my story, creating a symphony of emotions that resonated with the very heartbeat of the narrative.

Ludmila Dayer during the premiere in Brazil
Ludmila Dayer during the premiere in Brazil

In 2023, the film premiered in Brazil, with exciting premieres in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, as well as a special screening in Los Angeles, United States. On these occasions, the score came to life on the big screen.

The original soundtrack album for "ME" is available on music platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music. The movie is available on Aquarius and Globoplay in Brazil, and will soon be available internationally.

Watch the movie's trailer below:

This collaboration taught me a lot about the importance of music in cinematic storytelling and how music can deeply enrich the viewer's experience. I hope to have the opportunity to work with Ludmila on other exciting projects like this, continuing to explore the boundaries of music and cinema.


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